My goal as a trainer is to teach you the skills you need to work with your dog on the issues that concern you most.  Every dog and every home is different, all training plans are specific to your dog and your situation.

   This applies whether you've recently adopted a shelter dog, gotten a puppy from a breeder, saved a puppy mill dog, or have an older dog with behavior problems.

    I will teach you the skills you need to get and keep your dog's attention in distracting situations.

   Whether your dog is shy or confident, I will show you how to use time- and science-proven force-free methods to train new behaviors and to repair serious or long standing problems.

   No matter what your goal is, my lessons are structured to be enjoyable and as stress-free as possible for you and your dog. 

    I will teach you how to communicate clearly so your dog understands you.

    ....And equally important, I will explain and illustrate what your dog is telling you through both body language and behavior, so that your communications with your dog will be as clear and effective as possible.