Puppies come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities therefore our classes are not one size fits all.

PumpkinPups classes create an environment that is friendly, fun, and safe for puppies and their families. Puppies learn basic manners while receiving essential socialization and humans learn basic training fundamentals that will serve them for the life of their dogs.

Video of PumpkinPups puppy classes in action.

About our puppy classes

Puppies have a critical socialization period to the outside world starting at roughly 5 weeks of age and ending at 16 weeks. Our classes are designed to maximize our time by combining socialization and learning.

We offer separate classes for puppies under 20 weeks and for adolescent and young dogs. Indoor classes are limited to 4 dogs and range from 4-6 sessions. All family members are urged to participate! Depending on your puppy/dog's age, classes include appropriate levels of the following: 

Training Fundamentals & Common Puppy Issues

• Structured socialization & play skills
• Polite manners: sit, down, trade, and more 
• Coming when called
• Walking nicely on a leash
• House training & crate training
• How to deal with common issues: nipping, chewing, jumping, barking
• Diet & exercise
• Handling at the vet and groomer
And much more...

Our Goals and Methods

• All our classes are rooted in the use of positive reinforcement methods and using management strategies to set your puppy up for success in class and in life!
• We show you how to apply what you learn in class to your everyday life at home with your pup.
• We give you the necessary tools and information, so you and your pup get to practice lots of great behavior starting with the first lesson.
• Our highly skilled dog trainers are supported by well-trained class assistants to make sure each puppy is having a good experience and learning at their own pace.
• We offer email support between classes for questions that can't wait until the next class.
• We give you a comprehensive training manual that includes everything we cover in class and more.

Class Location

Kensington, Brooklyn
239 East 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Between Caton Avenue and Albemarle Road

Class Cost:

6 session classes $300

4 session classes $200

Single session classes are priced individually

Missed Classes

We try to work with you if you have to miss a class. If this happens, contact your class instructor to schedule a make-up. Usually make-ups are scheduled for ½ an hour before the next class in the cycle. The exception to this policy is that if you have to miss the last class which is graduation, unfortunately we are not able to give a make-up for that class.

Meet the Trainers

Trainers 2.jpg

Viviane Arzoumanian: Head Trainer/Class Instructor
Alison Buehler: Lead Trainer/Class Instructor
Kizz Robinson: Lead Trainer/Class Instructor

how to sign up for classes

New clients: Simply fill out this form and we will provide you with the password to access the schedule and purchasing page. We simply do this to make sure puppies are properly matched because our classes are small and highly personalized. 

Returning clients (ahem, trainers!): Use this button to return to the purchasing page with your password

Class Calendar

Click on the calendar button to see the current class schedule

Classes Offered

Classes are constantly running and are on a rolling basis.


For puppies between 10 and 20 weeks of age. Everything you and your puppy need to know to survive the early months. There are 6 one-hour sessions. 

Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 7pm
Saturdays at 10:30am and 12:15pm


Your pup will learn new behaviors while also taking his or her Puppy Essentials skills to the next level with more duration and higher levels of distraction. There are 6 one-hour sessions.

Wednesday or Thursday evenings at 7pm
Sunday evenings at 5:00pm or at 6:30pm

To enter Manners 1, pups must have attended our Puppy Essentials or had a Private Session with one of our trainers - email us for more information and to schedule a session if you haven't already had one. If the session is held at your home private rates apply, if you come to the training studio for a 3/4 hour session before the start of classes the cost is $50.



Adding distractions to behaviors learned in Manners 1, plus introduction to games & tricks training. There are 4 1-hour sessions

Meets on alternating Mondays @ 7pm

Manners 1 and/or trainer recommendation.


Scheduled monthly via a Doodle Poll.
Please write to us if you are interested in this class.

Manners 2 and/or trainer recommendation.



Manners One, CGC Class, plus trainer recommendation


Subjects change based on the mutual interest of the participants which is worked out in advance. Past subjects have been:

• Walking on a Loose Leash
• Come When Called
• Tricks
• Separation Anxiety Workshop

Please write to us if you are interested in a specialized dog training class.

What to bring to class

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 2.09.13 PM.png


A fanny pack or treat pouch to hold the training treats so that you can easily access and deliver well-timed training rewards for learning new behaviors. Here are two styles that we recommend:



All puppies must wear a snug fitting flat collar or a harness (no choke or slip collars please) and a 4 to 6 foot nylon or leather leash.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 2.07.54 PM.png


MANY soft & tiny treats that your puppy LOVES! (No crunchy biscuits please!). A cup and half dry measure for medium to large puppies, ¾ to 1 cup for small to medium dogs. The pieces should be 1/8 to /14 inch in size.

Examples of good treats to cut:

• Mozzarella string cheese
• Natural Balance Roll
• Texas Hold’ums by Merrick
• Boiled chicken breast
• Thick sliced deli turkey or roast beef
• Hot dogs
• Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried food



Bring a slightly hungry puppy, so please no big breakfast or dinner before class!