All training and behavior modification programs are tailored to meet the needs of all the household members, canine and human alike. 

Training ASsistance Options INclude:

  • Private sessions held in your home - for initial consultation and follow-up sessions.
  • PumpkinPups training studio - for initial consultation and follow-up sessions.
  • Distance consultations via phone or video conferencing - for common puppy behaviors, follow-ups to in-person sessions and for referral services.

Training and Behavior modification to help you Gain better control of your dog

Learn to teach basic good manners for indoors and outside:

  • Sit/stay, Down/stay, Loose leash walking, Crate training, Recall, Polite greetings, and more......

Improve and/or eliminate problem behaviors:

  • House training, begging, leash reactivity, resistance to handling e.g. grooming & vet visits, resource guarding (aggression related to food, toys or locations), fear & anxiety (sounds, objects, people, dogs etc.),  destructive behavior, barking, separation anxiety, and more.....