Understanding what motivates your dog to learn is part of the fun. 

Private dog training sessions are designed to focus on your unique needs
to make your home life and your dog walks as stress free and fun as possible.
Isn’t that why you got a dog in the first place?

private dog training Sessions with viviane

Gain better control of your dog with training and behavior modification. Here are some of the common issues we can work on:

Basic good manners for indoors and outdoors

• Sit/stay, down/stay, relax on a mat
• Polite greeting
• Loose leash walking
• Crate training
• Proper socialization techniques

Improve and/or eliminate problem behaviors:

• House training
• Begging
• Leash reactivity
• Resistance to handling: grooming and veterinary visits
• Resource guarding: aggression related to food, toys or locations
• Fear and anxiety: to sounds, objects, people, or dogs
• Destructive behavior
• Barking
• Separation anxiety, and more

how private dog training works

I offer a variety of options to get you the help you need:

Private sessions held in your home 

• I will provide an initial consultation of 2 hours with  follow-up sessions of 1 hour (if needed).
• Before we meet, you will provide some answers to some very specific questions about your dog so that we can maximize the time we have together.
• During the initial consultation, I will learn more about your issues and your environment. I will help you learn and understand the root of your dog’s issue(s) and possible courses of action. 
• After the session, you will receive a summary with action items for you to continue the work we started
• Together, we will decide on follow up sessions as needed.

Private sessions at the Pumpkin Pups training studio 

• I can also provide the initial consultation and follow-up sessions at the studio if needed.

Long distance consultations via phone or video conferencing

• These are available for common puppy behaviors, follow-ups to in-person sessions, and for referral services.