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Our puppy and adult dog classes build a strong foundation of training, socialization, and new skills to help our urban dogs successfully meet the challenges they face daily. Our success is seeing that aha! moment in our clients both human and canine! 

Are you ready to rock with your pup?


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Puppy Classes

We offer separate classes for puppies 10 weeks and up and adolescent dogs, as well as specialized manners and tricks classes for teenage and adult dogs. Our classes are small, everybody is made to feel comfortable, and we all have a great time learning. Classes are offered in Kensington, Brooklyn in a private studio setting. We look forward to meeting you and your puppy!


Private Training Sessions

Private sessions are held with, me, Viviane Arzoumanian, owner of PumpkinPups. My goal as a trainer is to teach you the skills you need to work with your dog on the issues that concern you most. Every dog and every home is different, all training plans are specific to your dog and your situation.