Summer Tips for a happier healthier dog.

Skin Care and the Sun
Dogs are subject to getting sunburns just like humans, dogs with white coats or very thin coats and pink skin are at greater risk.

DVM360, a great site for information about pet behavior and health, recommends using a fragrance free, non-staining, UVA and UVB barrier sunscreen, or one made especially for pets. Creams may be easier to apply than sprays especially to faces!

Viv saw a mostly black pup the other day with the most adorable white patch of hair on the top of his snout.  That was the perfect spot for a bad sunburn if that pup goes to the beach or spends significant time in the sun.

Out & About with Dogs
This wonderful warmer weather and sunshine means more people and dogs are hitting the pavement, parks and beaches. For dogs who prefer space and quiet this can be super stressful.  Think twice about taking your pup to the park for a picnic or to the kids' baseball or soccer game.

If your dog is a social butterfly then take them along and be sure to bring a bowl and fresh water if you won’t be near a water fountain.

For the wallflowers and the sound sensitive dogs (think skateboarders) staying home with a frozen kong and some soft music might be their idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon. Not everything we will enjoy means our pup will enjoy it too.

Allergy Season is Here
Spring brings an explosion of new plant growth and budding and flowering trees.  Some dogs suffer from hay fever just as we humans do.

Does your dog seem to be experiencing skin irritations or upper respiratory problems all of a sudden?  Check with your vet about how to help your pup get through this season with less discomfort. 

Important note: Dogs cannot take Pseudophedrine which is a component of many human allergy medicines. So if your vet recommends an over-the-counter remedy be sure to read the label carefully and get the exact medicine your vet prescribed.