Puppies & Parasites

Puppies and Parasites

No matter where your new puppy comes from, the likelihood that your puppy is carrying one or more parasites is close to 100%.  Puppies contract these parasites in-utero from their mothers and then, even if treated, they may be re-infected in the environments in which they are kept before they come to you. For this reason we strongly recommend that you bring a poop sample to your vet to be analyzed within a few days of your puppy's arrival in your home. 

We also recommend that puppies be examined by a veterinarian within their first week with you. This visit will allow the vet to check eyes, ears, coat, general body condition, and listen to the lungs and heart of your pup.  We of course expect our puppies to come to us in good health, but this is not always the case.  Early intervention on ear infections, possible chest colds and parasites will insure that your puppy is in good health and therefore training and socialization can proceed without delay.

Also, no vaccinations on the first visit please, just lots of treats!  A good experience on that first visit will help set your puppy on the path toward enjoying going to the vet.  Building a positive relationship with vet for the rest of your pup's life is well worth the expense of a second visit for shots.